Friday, January 22, 2010

More Women Speaking Out on Haiti and Humanity, the links below

[image of map of Haiti and surrounding countries is from here]

Simply click on each title below.

First, this, from bLaKtivist's blog and website, her most excellent piece titled:

On HAITI: Dear Journalists, Looting Doesn't Exist in a DISASTER Area

Second, this piece, a first-person story from Haiti by Sasha Kramer, posted at Alice Walker's blog, which is also linked to on the right side:

“Re: Haiti: Passing on to you something that may help lift us from this sorrow.”

Thank you, Krys @ bLaKtivist, Alice Walker, and Sasha Kramer, for giving more resonance and richness to the voices called Humanity, as you each uniquely embody and express Her. -- Julian Real


bLaKtivist said...

Thank you for being a profeminist ally and for your recognition. Bless. Stay in touch.


Julian Real said...

You are certainly welcome.

And thank you for all you do, krys!

I will keep in touch. And your ID photo--one word: fabulous.