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The Adolph Award for January 2010

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The Adolph Award for January 2010 ECD goes to "Koevoet", a "Christian Patriot", and regular, if new, commenter at He's apparently had his views effectively refuted elsewhere.

But here he shows up once again, under some sort of pretense of actually caring about women in sexual slavery. There is something particularly disgusting about racist and anti-Semitic men who use the reality of women's suffering to make their bigoted white/Aryan supremacist points.

So, yes, Koevoet is an anti-Semite, a full-blown HaShoah denier, a misogynist, and a virulent anti-feminist who goes on and on about sexual slavery in Israel as if Israel has cornered the market on sexual slavery. He seems determined to get people to BELIEVE the words of one man in a YouTube video, as if this man speaks Gospel Truth. Who knows whether the man does or doesn't--I'm not even bothering to watch the video of some jerk promoting Israeli Jewish men as THE enslavers of women.

Typical anti-Semitism, to try and pin a human rights issue on Jewish men and Jewish men alone, or on Jews disproportionately, or on Jewish feminists as if Jewish feminists have ever had any power in a white Christian male supremacist land. Koevoet's strategy is akin to whites only wanting to talk about when Black men rape. As if white men don't?

As if white Christian and other white non-Jewish men don't possess and rape women and girls as sexual slaves?

It is repeatedly pointed out to him that this is a global occurrence, and that he might want to check out what's happening in the U.S., throughout Eastern Europe, and in South and SE Asia, for example, but never mind that. He's got an Aryan-angry axe to grind with Israeli Jews, women, and U.S. Jewish feminists in particular for allegedly failing to condemn what Jewish men in Israel do to women that is white supremacist, heterosexist, and male supremacist, and Gentile/white supremacist to the core. For an excellent analysis of all this, please read Andrea Dworkin's book, Scapegoat: The Jews, Israel, and Women's Liberation.

The discussion over at, on this topic, is strange in that unlike at MRA sites, there are men who are pointing out how messed up his thinking is, and they deliver to him plenty of evidence that his views are distorted to deranged.

The website forbids copying and pasting any comments so I'll just link to them. There's four pages of conversation, but it only takes a few minutes to read all the content, because each page is filled with avatars and notes about how many times each person has posted there and been thanked to do so, witnessed in the imagery above. The site is here. You can see for yourself why Koevoet gets this month's Adolph Award.

Congratulations, Koevoet. Rot in hell... ASAP.

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