Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Radical Feminist Ruchira Gupta on Ending Prostitution and Sexual Slavery

[image of feminist journalist/filmmaker Ruchira Gupta is from here]
“Our groups seek not to mitigate the circumstances of sex-trafficking but to end sex-trafficking. We seek complete transformation, not simply reform. Our members who are victims and survivors of sex-trafficking want a world in which it is unacceptable to buy or sell another human being and to imagine an economy in which one is not forced to sell oneself. We are trying to keep sex-trafficking profiteers from legalizing sex slavery in India even though more Foundation funds, especially US-based Foundations, are spent on the supposed protection of sex buyers from AIDS than the protection of women and children from sex buyers. This has created a vested interest in the preservation of brothels in some parts of India for the distribution of condoms rather than protecting the women and children even though there is no evidence that increased condom distribution in brothel districts is leading to condom usage or a decrease in AIDS.”
-- Ruchira Gupta, President and Founder of  APNE AAP WOMEN WORLDWIDE [source: here]

Here is a video in which Ruchira Gupta explains her journey towards doing this political work. TRIGGER WARNING: It includes her story of being sexually assaulted. PLEASE NOTE: THE FIRST HALF MINUTE or so of this video IS A VERY LOUD PIERCING SOUND with only a colorbar image. After that the volume may be turned back up, and the interview begins.

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