Monday, December 7, 2009

An Andrea Dworkin Quote, that fits with recent discussions

Dworkin said in a speech delivered at Smith College that later become a chapter in her book Our Blood: Discourses and Prophesies on Sexual Politics, “As feminists, we inhabit the world in a new way. We see the world in a new way…We intend to change it so totally that someday the texts of masculinist writers will be anthropological curiosities. What was that Mailer talking about, our descendants will ask, should they come upon his work in some obscure archive. And they will wonder–bewildered, sad–at the masculinist glorification of war; the masculinist mystifications around killing, maiming, violence, and pain; the tortured masks of phallic heroism; the vain arrogance of phallic supremacy; the impoverished renderings of mothers and daughters, and so of life itself. They will ask, did those people really believe in those gods?”
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Anonymous said...

I love you Andrea Dworkin.

Rest in Peace, always.