Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Men's Sexual Violence Against Women in Systems of Prostitution: statistics and one more ugly story about what heterosexual men do, as heterosexual men who believe they have 24/7 access to rape(d) women's bodies

Just click on the title below, for the whole disgusting story, which I'm linking to, as I don't think this story even should be told on a man's blog. Thanks again, Cara, for making the TRUTH about men and rape known. Before reading on, please familiarise yourself with the stats (here) on men's sexual violence and gendered violence against women in systems of prostitution.
Trigger Warning for rape apologism and graphic descriptions of sexual violence

In Sydney, a U.S. sailor has been acquitted on charges of raping a sex worker who told him to stop — even though he admitted, in court, to using a “lock down maneuver” to pin her to the bed.



Yes this ugly misogynistic story clearly demonstrates once again rape is always defined by men for men's advantage. Even though this male rapist admitted he raped a prostituted woman he was still acquitted. Even though this male rapist admitted using physical violence against this prostituted women in order to gratify his sexual desires, he was acquitted. Why? Because the jury decided this male rapist committed no crime since raping and committing physical violence against a prostituted woman is not a crime.

Apparently heterosexual males can never commit rape and/or physical violence against women involved in prostitution because such women are not human and hence supposedly exempt from any legal (male-defined) protection.

Julian Real said...

Indeed, Jennifer.

It's absolutely disgusting how women and girls (and boys) in systems of prostitution are not regarded AT ALL as human beings with full human rights.

It's beyond disgusting. It's a classist, racist, misogynistic atrocity unto itself. And gynocidal too.