Monday, November 30, 2009

Jerryell Myesha Foster of Baltimore is missing: will you get this news from any national media?

Jerryell Myesha Foster of Baltimore was last seen Tuesday November 24 2009 at approximately 8:20p.m.

Thank you to La Reyna's blogpost for alerting me to this latest missing person. As has been noted many places, if you're not white, don't expect to get national media attention if you disappear. It's not just racism, folks, it's misogyny too, and classism too when dealing with poor and working class missing women.

It is horrifying that girls and women of color go missing every day in the U.S., and are not reported on by major news media. That means they any girl or woman who disappears is less likely to be found, is less likely to survive, and is less likely to know, while missing, that people are out there caring about what happened to her!

See also:, for more information about other missing Black women; it is at that site that I found the photo above. Lorde knows you won't hear about these women in the dominant WHMS media. I pray for Jerryell's safety and the safety and well-being of all the women who are missing.


jen said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk about my cousin.She is such a beautiful person. She is missed and we want her home.
Jen Jen

Julian Real said...

Oh Jen Jen!

I so hope and pray she is found soon, or finds her way home soon.

I welcome you to update me and let me know if there's anything else I can do to help locate her.

I'll keep praying and staying positive about her well-being. I'm so, so sorry you and your family are having to go through this, but let's hope she'll be home soon, and everyone can rest easily knowing she is safe.