Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Don't Be A Dick": a zine by Paul Brown

[this image is unrelated to the zine linked to below, and was found here]

Below is a link to a PDF document, a few pages long, as many zines are. It is made with typed material and cut-outs of various images, including those of male genitalia (drawings, not photographs), for those who may be triggered by such imagery. I would imagine, given that most or all of the images of people are of white people, that Paul Brown is white.

This is what introduces it at the website where I found it:

Don’t Be A Dick is a zine written (mostly) for men about the connections between the construct of masculinity, rape culture, and mainstream pornography. It combines (hopefully accessible) theory and personal experiences to address sexual assault in personal relationships. The zine also includes a section on radical consent.

Here's his zine, which can also be found here at

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