Thursday, May 7, 2009

Left of Karl Marx: a new biography on the life and politics of Claudia Jones

[the above image of radical feminist leftist activist Claudia Jones was found here]

I found what follows on Facebook, a place I rarely go to. I slightly modified one sentence, that has a link in it, to make it easier to get to the link.

In her crucial book on the political life of Claudia Jones, Carole Boyce Davies describes Jones as "Left of Karl Marx." Jones is literally buried in the same cemetery as Marx, to his left, but Boyce Davies is also suggesting that Claudia Jones a rarely remembered black feminist Trinidadian communist organizer who was deported during the McCarthy Era for her radical beliefs and activities, is also left of Marx politically because her black feminist approach and her emphasis on cultural transformation challenged the limits of Marxism.

In her essay "An End to the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro Women", Claudia Jones articulates her understanding of how black feminism can transform the left in a revolutionary way.

There is a discussion group forming, via Facebook, to talk about that book, which looks completely fascinating to me. I went there to find the group, and cannot. So if anyone finds out more about it, please post here, with the discussion group moderator's permission only, please.

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