Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Whiteness Problem, by Kai Chang

Here's an itty bit of another important piece of anti-white supremacist analysis from Kai Chang over at the blog, Zuky, linked to from my blogroll.

The Whiteness Problem

The backhanded boycott of the historic UN anti-racism conference in Geneva by mostly-white diplomats from Western nations, whose fortunes just happen to stand upon centuries of white supremacist colonialism, slavery, and imperialism, is farcical on its face. The story being peddled is that the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic are sitting out Durban II because of the sheer scandalousness posed by the singular figure of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivering another one of his branded ahistorical anti-Zionist tirades. I don't buy that story; in my world, simply swallowing the line that's being peddled by political hacks and fake news outlets is called being a sucker.

Without question, Ahmadinejad's twisted vision of omnipresent Jewish imperialism is unsound and indeed dangerous. But does it really make sense to pretend that one politician of dubious power, among thousands of conference attendees and hundreds of nations, is some dark overlord whose words carry the weight of the world? Of course not. This is not a tenable diplomatic position: Well, we were thinking about working with y'all to stop genocide but this asshole Ahmadinejad is gonna be there so we'll pass. In fact, if one wanted to denounce anti-Semitism, you know what would be a really good place to do that? How about a global anti-racism conference? Norway’s foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre said in his speech before the assembly: "We who have made a point of defending freedom of expression cannot opt for non-attendance as a strategy, leaving the floor to precisely those who hold opposite views. We will not surrender the floor of the United Nations to the extremists. The President of Iran has just exercised that human right. He did so, I believe, in a way that threatens the very focus of this conference." See? It's called firing back from the same podium. You're allowed to do that at UN gatherings. You can crush flimsy arguments with strong substantial ones. That's how debate and dialogue work.

I think it's pretty clear that certain countries were looking for an excuse not to participate and ended up thanking their lucky stars that Mahmoud came along to provide a useful caricature in their diplomatic charade. Why would white-majority countries such as the US, Germany, and Australia want to avoid an international conference aimed at ending racism? Hmm, let's think this one through, shall we? Okay I'm done, how'd you do? Here we go: People who benefit from racism generally do not want to talk about racism. That's like asking bankers to talk about ponzi schemes and money laundering. It's like asking a drug warlord to talk about processing facilities and smuggling routes. It's like asking a system administrator for the superuser password and hidden directory structure. It's not gonna happen.

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