Saturday, April 11, 2009

Turtle Island Native Network: Promotes Healing & Suicide Prevention

[Header and Healing & Wellness logo are both from's healing-wellness webpage]

Here is a website for suicide prevention and healthy living for Indian youth.

Of course there are many approaches to creating a world free from oppression and depression. One solution would be for North American governments and North American corporations to return stolen and "bought" Native land to Indigenous Americans' Tribal Councils. And another would be to also stop the cultural, political, spiritual, physical genocide of U.S.-oppressed American Indians and the people of the First Nations.

But while the suicides of a few groups inside the U.S. get far too little coverage, such as the suicide rates among queer youth and children harassed and otherwise harmed by homophobic assaults, I am realising how, in my own mind, some children's suicides still go even more unnoticed and uncommented upon in dominant media. We know the death rates of all children of color, queer or not, are alarmingly high. Yet the United States has never made the survival of people of color a priority, particularly if such prioritising means destabilising and destroying all man-infestations of white heterosexual male supremacy.

Support the sustainable wellness and healing of Native and Aboriginal youth across the globe. End Western Civilisation, including every one of its economic, social, and political systems, by any means necessary.

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