Thursday, April 16, 2009

"No Homo" explained by a man who conveniently leaves out the connections to misogyny and white supremacy

Homophobic language is contained in this video. An even basic understanding of how homophobia is a manifestation of misogyny is not. For that analysis, check out this book, and this one.

Also, for a more astute analysis by a man about homophobia, sexism, and racism, than what I've heard from Jay Smooth, please see Byron Hurt's work, including his film, Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, where connections between an oppressed-while-oppressive cultural artform is discussed in context of the cultural offerings of white heterosexual male supremacist Amerikkka.


Yolanda said...

"Also, for a more astute analysis by a man than what the well-intentioned white dude above has to say,"[...]Julian, I'd be careful about assuming Jay Smooth's ethnic identity, or anyone's ethnicity for that matter. Now I could be wrong, but I think Jay Smooth identifies as a person of color, judging from comments he's made on his other video posts.

If Jay does identify as POC, calling him a "well-intentioned white guy" is really invisibilizing.

Julian Real said...

To all readers:

Due to Yolanda's comments just above, I've re-edited both the title and content of this blog post, to reflect her concerns and observations.

I also posted a separate piece featuring Jay Smooth, who I was far too quick to label as "a white dude". Jay has what I find to be a very useful video on YouTube about calling out people on their/our racism.

To Yolanda:

Points taken. Thanks again for calling me on something that I did that was fucked up. And I hope you'll be around for the next time! You've be exceedingly patient with my slow-to-learn "progress" for years. So thank you for that as well.