Sunday, April 19, 2009

Longtime Thealogian Carol Christ reminds us just how far we haven't come

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With thanks to Heart and her blog, Women's Space, for this recent post.

Carol P. Christ [pronounced "crissed" not "cryst"] is a white feminist thealogian, teacher, and writer who has been doing her work for decades--since the 1970s. Goddess love her.

Here is the beginning of a recent post from Christ's blog, with the link to the rest of it.

Roman Catholic Woman Fired By Bishop For Advocating Inclusive Language For God

Last week I reported that Roman Catholic and Jewish groups were lobbying against the passage of a New York law that would revise the statue of limitations for prosecution of child abuse. In my blog, I alleged that the image of God as an all-powerful and dominating male other encourages children to submit to abuse by clergy perceived to be acting “in his image.” I suggested that such images of God need to be challenged and changed.

This week I learned that a Ruth Kolpack, a female pastoral associate in Beloit, Wisconsin, was fired by a Roman Catholic bishop for refusing to renounce her Masters’ thesis in which she advocated that the church “free God language from captivity.” According to reports the bishop (who shall remain nameless here) told Kolpack that her views were “off-base” while admitting that he had only read “bits and pieces” of her thesis and refusing to discuss theological issues with her.

Thirty years ago when I wrote “Why Women Need the Goddess”, I thought the question of female language for God within the churches and synagogues was a no-brainer. If God is a God of love and justice, I reasoned, then surely “He” could be referred to as “She,” and if God is appropriately imaged as a loving “Father,” the certainly God could also be thought of as a loving “Mother.” I even dared to think that churches and synagogues could embrace the word “Goddess.” Sadly, I have been proved wrong!

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