Monday, January 12, 2009

Decriminalise Being a Prostitute: It's Harder Out There for Women Who are called Hoes, than for Men who are called Pimps

For the article that goes with that tree-posted sign, see this web page, which can't help but find the matter of prostitution funny.

The second image above, of Kevin Federline, reveals a truism of U.S. dominant culture: there's no negative stigma attached to being a pimp--if you're white, or appearing and behaving like a pimp. Currently, pimping is to racist patriarchy what enslaving Black Africans was to the U.S. in the pre-Civil War white heteromale supremacist South. Women who work as prostitutes face contempt, stigmatisation, and more, from pimps, from procurers, from men of many ethnicities who think women are born to be prostitutes-or-mothers, h*es-or-sisters. (Thanks to Jennifer's writings and comments over at Celie's Revenge, for clarifying some of this.)

Without hesitation, I call on all Western white nations who maintain systems of prostitution as ways for men to purchase and rent women for sex or sexxx--or whatever men call it, to make "actively being a prostitute" a non-criminal act.

To all the men--the haters and the lovers of prostitution, who believe and behave as if "being a female prostitute" equates with the misogynist-racist-heterosexist stigmas and terms men use against women who call themselves prostitutes, women who identify as being prostituted, or women who are or were in systems of prostitution, and women who are not part of those systems--to all those men: go fuck yourselves. And get it through your thick skulls that there is no such thing as a wh*re, a h*e, a sl*t, or a b*tch. These are inhumane figments of men's imaginations, imposed, with great force, on everyone. To any pimps or procurers ("johns") who believe owning or renting human beings for sex is a form of women's liberation from patriarchal sexuality, go fuck yourselves.

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