Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Corporate Racist Atrocious Patriarchy

(...or, um, a PROfeminist!)

In 2005, I coined the term CRAP to mean what it does in the title of this post. I am fond of actual-word acronyms that hold conjoined meanings as a term and as an acronym. I was brought to create that one when reading several of bell hooks' books over one summer almost four years ago. At that time especially, white supremacist capitalist patriarchy was precisely what I was seeking to see analysed. In my own writings, rather than borrowing her phrasing, I sought a shorter way to refer to this cluster of oppressive systems in my own writings. So, C.R.A.P., or CRAP, was born.

I'm realising that I tend to not use that term quite so much here on this blog as I used to on other people's blogs. But I think that'll change now that I see bumper stickers like the one above!!

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