Sunday, December 7, 2008

Leftist Parties and Organisations of Note in Canada, Quebec, and the United States

While I am not, ideologically or practically, a Leftist, I offer an opening paragraph to a long list of activist organisations, many of which do. (My piecemeal perspective does not fall into a category created by male Europeans. "Radical Profeminist", as an indicator of my politics, suffices for the purposes of this blog. Too many Leftist organisations ignore white Christian heteromale supremacy, including the genocide of Indigenous people worldwide, as a central oppressive and destructive force.)

What follows was posted at the site linked to below, by Rowland Keshena:

This is a quick list of the main radical, revolutionary and socialist groups I support and sympathize with in Canada and the United States. Many groups listed also have youth and/or mass organizations associated with them, but in order to keep the list concise, I did not list them.

For the whole list, please click here.

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